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Wednesday, January 13, 2021 – The Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta has taken Mandera Governor Ali Roba head-on after he alleged that the Al Shabaab militia controls 70% of North Eastern Kenya.

Roba accused families in the region of harbouring the militia.

Mandera County Commissioner Onesmus Kyatha, while addressing the media on Tuesday, January 12, disputed Governor Roba’s claims stating that the police will engage the governor about the comments.   

Kyatha reiterated that police officers and security personnel in the region had been deployed across various parts of the county to tame attacks by the terrorist group.

“If you talk about 70 percent of the county being overrun by Al Shabaab, that is not factual. We only have isolated cases of attacks.”

“You know how these bandits operate.”

“They are unpredictable, they behave like gorillas playing hide and seek.”

“They cannot control 70 percent of the county,” Kyatha stated.

“We have officers across the county, including security personnel.”

“You cannot say 70 percent of the county is controlled by bandits.”

“That is not factual.”

“We will engage him to get to the bottom of those statistics,” he assured.

Kyatha stated that the police had ensured security in the region by escorting public transport buses.

He assured that the government was determined to root out the terror group from the county highlighting that functions in the county were running smoothly.

The police boss reiterated that the county was only experiencing isolated cases of attacks, arguing that it was not enough basis for Governor Roba to make the assumption.

Kyatha appealed to members of the public to help the government combat bandits in the region by alerting security officers.


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