In the African culture the husband is allowed to bury his wife if he really paid bride especially among the luhya community. I had done all this as I knew it was necessary for any marriage to be a success. Soon after my wife whom we had married each other for 16 years died things changed as her family led by my father in law barred me from burying him. Clearly I did not understand why they did this for I had all the right since I had married her legally. As time went by, they even threatened to kill me if I was to take action of burying her.

I was left in limbo for I had no one to come to my rescue given that they were a well of family. I really loved my wife and burying her on my land was to be a sign of respect. I was tired in seeking justice from various authorities as each place I went no one was really showing any sign of help. My father in law had used resources to hinder me from burying my wife. I had no option but just to give in. but clearly I did not understand why he did so keeping in mind I sorted him everything during the bride price ceremony. Clearly the customary rites stated that the husband was to bear it all in case the wife had died but my father in law abused this.

I was thinking what to do where I  came through a website where I had to go through various testimonials of people who had similar problems but later Mugwenu doctors helped them out and they found justice. I booked an appointment with the herbalist and after three days I was at their offices ready for help. I was attended and really it was a month and my wife’s body was still at the morgue. I was attended to. The herbalist assured me things were to be okay and I was to be allowed to bury my wife without any problem for they had taken things under control. Three days later my father in law called me where he informed me that I was free to take my wife’s body from the morgue for burial. I was first shocked but remembered I had visited Mugwenu doctors who were really extinguished herbalist in helping out people.

I laid my wife to rest and nothing hindered the burial from going on. Since that day I had always believed much in Mugwenu doctors since they are really reliable people in the society.

They treat various diseases such as high blood pressure, leukemia and more others just to mention a few. They also solve various life challenges like barrenness, low libido and provide you with sweetening tips that will make your spouse stick to you despite the situation at any given time. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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