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Wednesday, January 13, 2021 – A section of Kikuyu community elders has supported President Uhuru Kenyatta’s remarks on Saturday where he called on the Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities to let other tribes rule Kenya.

Uhuru, who was speaking during the burial of Mama Hannah Atsianzale, the mother of ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi, said since Kikuyus and Kalenjins have ruled the country since independence, they should hand over the baton to other tribes in 2022.

Uhuru’s statement stirred a storm on social media with many condemning the President and others supporting his remarks.

Speaking on Tuesday, the chairman of Kikuyu elders, Wachira Kago, said the Kikuyu community supports the President‘s remarks.

He said every Kikuyu knows that Uhuru is the region’s kingpin and they support his remarks however unpopular they may be.

“Every region has its leader and in Mt Kenya, it is Uhuru. The silent majority are waiting for their leader to speak,” Kago said.

Concerning the 2022 presidential election, Kago said it is Uhuru who will tell Kikuyus the direction they will follow.


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    Just because the community has nobody strong to vie for the presidency, you now support rotation of power.
    Otherwise if there could have been a choice then it would have ben Kenya is for all and democratic to any body who wishes to vie. Kabila lingine si lazima awe mjaluo wacheni kutucheza kikondoo. Let anybody willing vie.

  2. One luo has made this kenya to be where we are now. No one could be yapping the way people are talking kama ingekuwa enzi za moi. Thank God he chose this luo man for abetter nation that we are in today. I respect his freedom fight. wakenya tunapenda kudanganywa na kitu kidigo sana. na hio ndio ushenzi tuko nayo. Good things are always bad in our eyes. For example devolution has really helped in infrastructure every corner of this country. Now someone who was against the constitution used it for his campaigns and yet he was against it. Again he is against any new change in the constitution, while his friend who was against the new constitution has seen the fruits of it he want to improve. Follow his footsteps my friend ama namnagani. stop your lies we love him.

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