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My name is Pauline a mother of two. Currently am living in Mombasa. Prostitution was once my source of a capital at some point for I would not allow my two children to go hungry. I stared prostitution just as a joke. As time went by I was a guru as I was fully incorporated in it. At times I would face challenges like some men wanted to have sex with e without using protection. As always I had been so much worried about my health hence I would not allow sex with no protection at any particular point. Other men turned to be violent as I once witnessed my friend being assaulted in lodging by a potential customer just after sex.

Some men refused to pay for the service where they would turn violent. As time went by I found myself in limbo as there was a time I almost lost my life as my client on that night pointed a knife at me just after we had successful sex. I had to jump via the window to save my life. I had no option but to go on with the business since it was my only source of income. Other clients would suffocate me to an extent that I was galloping to death. For sure prostitution had its own effects. It was really a dirty way to earn a living at any particular time. Despite all this I did not hesitate but I still went on with the job.

One of my friends happened to pass by and found me in the corridors of Mombasa waiting for clients. She was really sorry for me. She told me of Mugwenu doctors who were extinguished herbalist in town. She added that the herbalist had changed her life and now she was prosperous since they had gave her magic ring which made her to be lucky in life. I saw that as the only opportunity to end long time prostitution. I took the herbalists contacts for really I wanted their help. I visited their offices after a week. I really wanted the same magic ring that my friend Ann had been talking about since she really seemed to be a prosperous person in life. I was given the magic ring and went back home. The herbalists had promised me that after three days I was to get pleasing opportunities that would help me end long time prostitution. After three days I really turned to be a lucky person in life. I started a water vending business where after a week it was really yielding more money.

That was the end of my long time spell in prostitution. Really the magic ring was working since I was able to open other businesses as well. I really thank Mugwenu doctors for their assistance. They solve land issues which might give you sleepless nights. Marriage related issues is not a big deal to them as they ensure your marriage turns to be stable through guiding and providing you with love candles that sweeten your love to your spouse. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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