Monday, January 25, 2021 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has warned Mt. Kenya to delink him from the controversial Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Speaking during an interview with a popular Kikuyu station, Raila pleaded with Kikuyus to approach the proposed constitutional amendment Bill on the gains it shall bring to the region and not as Raila’s project. 

He appealed with the region to remove his name in the BBI project and support the process saying they could miss an opportunity that could be rare to get. 

“Opportunities have wings, if they are not taken, they fly away.”

“I appeal to the region to remove Raila in BBI and see the gains it seeks to introduce in that region,” Odinga said. 

According to him, he was concentrating on popularising the BBI agenda and not his quest to seek for Presidency saying it will be the best legacy that will devolve more monies to the counties. 


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