Thursday, January 7, 2021 – A shocking video showing how thugs use high-intensity lights to rob motorists at night is doing rounds on social media.

A concerned Kenyan identified as Owuor Otet shared the video and advised motorists what to do when they find themselves in such a situation.

According to Owuor, the best thing to do when the ruthless gangsters emerge from the darkness and confront you with the high-intensity lights is to reverse.

It’s not advisable to speed or try and run over them.

This is what he wrote.

When driving at night, be careful – this type of high-intensity lights are used by these gangs to rob vehicles, never open the door, run away quickly and escape. Send this message to every group.

I have to add this information.

Most asking why the reverse?

Now let me enlighten… We reverse to see their reaction.. We reverse to relax from that sharp blinding light.

In case you want to run over them, you get a good opportunity to accelerate.

See the video.


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