Wednesday, January 13, 2021 – Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) Director-General, Mohamed Badi, has shocked Nairobians after claiming the Globe Cinema roundabout is owned by individuals.

Speaking on Monday, Badi said the NMS in collaboration with the Ministry of Lands is completing land evaluation so the Globe Roundabout can be converted to a bus terminus.

 Badi said the roundabout will be converted to a terminus for matatus plying Juja Road from Eastleigh and some from Thika Superhighway.

He said the land was occupied by private landowners and NMS had to negotiate with assistance from the Ministry of Lands.

Badi said different landowning communities chose different compensation – some cash, some land of equivalent value.

“In some areas, they got compensation in land, some communities opted for government land and surrendered this one. We have already finished the legal framework for that exchange,” Badi said.

What Badi doesn’t know is that the land around Globe Cinema is owned by the government and it is cartels who are taking advantage of the compensation.

“Yes the land is owned by the government but cartels have infiltrated NMS and they want to be paid. Globe Cinema land is government land,” said a Ministry of lands official who is aware of the compensation.


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