Tuesday, January 12, 2021 – An elderly man who hails from Kiharu in Murang’a County has left tongues wagging after he dug his own grave and wrote his eulogy.

Samuel Karanja said he has planned his burial early enough so that when he dies, his family will not have to beg for money to aid in burial preparations.

Karanja has named his final resting place “Kumenya’’ which loosely translates to “knowing’’.

The words are plastered on his graveyard in white.

“I do not want to bother people at my funeral, most people bother people with their demise but that will not be me” he said.

Karanja said he has left clear instructions on how he will be buried.

He has instructed his family not to put a cross and flowers on his grave.

His body should also not be covered with soil.

Karanja wrote a eulogy that will be read during his funeral and even printed a photo that will be used on his final resting day.

Karanja’s wife disclosed that her husband is a very weird man since he has never worn a shirt even when it’s freezing cold.

“He never wears a shirt, he says he hates warmth and even when he is working in the shamba, you will see him shirtless,” she said.

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