Monday, January 11, 2021 – Jubilee Party Vice-chairman, David Murathe, has joined Kenyans in reacting to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech in Vihiga County on Saturday, where he said Kikuyu and the Kalenjin communities have produced the country’s four presidents since Independence and should pave the way for other communities.

Uhuru, who spoke during the burial of Mama Hannah Mudavadi, said only two tribes have occupied the top seat in Kenya and perhaps time is ripe for another community to take over.

“Some of those who said they are tired (of dynasties) got to where they are because of my vote. They did not get a single vote.

“Let us respect one another…if that is the rationale, then I can also say that there are only two tribes that have occupied the top seat, perhaps it is time for another community to lead,” Uhuru said.

Commenting on Uhuru’s statement, Murathe, who is also the former Gatanga MP, revealed that he has always told Kenyans about what Uhuru said but Kenyans have not been taking him seriously.

According to Murathe, it is indeed true that Kenya cannot be taken as a ping pong game between two communities and that it was time for other communities as well.

Meanwhile, Deputy President William Ruto and his allies on Sunday launched attacks at President Uhuru for his statement, which they said was tribal and could threaten peace in the country.


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