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Saturday, January 30, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto has suffered a severe blow that may see him arrested again by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

This is after his lawyer, Paul Gicheru, flipped on him as he agreed to cooperate with The Hague-based court.

According to the documents at ICC, Gicheru agreed to tell the whole truth regarding ICC witnesses whom he allegedly intimated, coarsed, and even killed on behalf of Ruto in his case.

 After the deal, Gicheru, who surrendered himself to the ICC, was set free and is now free to return to Kenya.

However, the International Criminal Court issued conditions for the lawyer’s release.

Gicheru will be required to deposit Ksh1 million to the ICC Registrar in the form of cash or bank order. 

He will also have to comply fully with all orders issued in this case and surrender himself immediately to the relevant authorities if required by the trial chamber. 

He was also warned against hampering or jeopardizing the prosecution or legal proceedings and not to participate, expressly or indirectly, in any conduct which is forbidden by Article 70 of the Statute.

Gicheru will not be allowed to change his residential location from what he provided to the court. 

He submitted copies of his passports, visas, identity documents, and any other travel documents to the ICC.

Another of the travel conditions is that Gicheru will only be allowed to visit two countries abroad; the Netherlands and a second country that was redacted. 

Travel to the two countries will have to be cleared by the ICC seven days in advance after disclosing the details of the trip, where he will reside and contact address.

In order to travel to a country, not on the approved list, the decision requires Gicheru to give the court a 14-day notice. 

Such a request, the decision states, can only be granted if there is a good cause shown.

He will also be required to report once a week to the ICC Registrar, including through the use of video conferencing technology.


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