Sunday, January 24, 2021 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga hit back at Deputy President William Ruto for blaming him for the failures of the Jubilee administration.

Raila posted a clip on Twitter that aimed to depict Ruto as a double-speaking leader, with the video edited to show the DP’s contradicting a previous statement.   

Raila went ahead and told off the DP for making promises in 2013 that are yet to be fulfilled.

He gave the DP a new nickname that befits his double-speaking character.

“There are people like ‘Mr. Six Months Time’, In six months’ time we shall give all children in schools laptops, in six months’ time we shall give one million jobs to our youth, in six months we shall build 47 modern stadia, in six months we shall build tarmacked roads,” Raila stated.

“Mr. Six months! The youngsters you promised laptops 8 years ago are now old enough to see through your lies.”

“The youth you promised 8 million jobs in 8 years can see through the wheelbarrow lie you are now peddling,” Odinga stated.

Raila stated that Ruto had pretended to shift his focus to the common mwananchi such as vegetable vendors by issuing wheelbarrows and handcarts.

Ruto blamed Raila for derailing Jubilee’s development agenda, a clip that Raila used to draw the doublespeak.


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