Thursday, January 28, 2021 – Jubilee Vice Chairman, David Murathe, has revealed the intrigues behind the multi-billion laptop project, which was hailed as a brainchild of Deputy President William Ruto. 

Speaking during an early morning interview on Thursday, Murathe stated that President Uhuru Kenyatta discreetly revived the project using his own money after the project ran into headwinds. 

“Instead of castigating the government, Ruto should be creating a scorecard to defend his performance in the government.” 

“Children are very unforgiving. How can you promise them laptops and not deliver?”

“It reached a point where the President funded the project using his own resources to revive it.”

“When it comes to the stadiums, Uhuru also had to intervene” Murathe spoke. 

He claimed that the initial budget was misappropriated by the office of the DP, adding that those who won the tender were linked to the deputy president’s office.

In July 2015, Ruto launched a lab at Moi University that was supposed to aid in the production of laptops for schools. 

Ruto would also appear in other public events to address concerns about the project which to date is yet to be rolled out to all schools across the country as promised. 

Murathe accused the deputy president of doublespeak, questioning why his team was claiming the developments brought by the government and attributing the failures to Uhuru. 


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