Friday, January 15, 2021 – Retired Chief Justice David Maraga has opened up on intrigues that followed after he nullified President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in 2017.

Speaking in an interview, Maraga said he initially took the President’s remarks of ‘” we shall revisit” lightly but later on things took a turn for the worse so much so that communication was cut between him and the Head of State.

“When the President made that statement, what came to my mind immediately was that it was a statement made in the spur of the moment… As far as I was concerned that was it.”

“But subsequently when you see some things, you say ‘wait a minute, this would ordinarily not be done,” said Maraga.

The retired Chief Justice said before nullifying the election he had a cordial relationship with President Kenyatta but later on, they stopped communicating.

He went further to reveal that the Judiciary budget was also deliberately slashed to an extent of almost grounding court operations.

“I got the sense that the slashing of the budget was deliberate and let no one misunderstand me to think that we expected Ksh.100 billion.”

“I know we are not a very rich country but when you consider the consideration of the whole budget you can see the amount you are getting is completely inadequate and that is a frustration,” said the former CJ.

“That is when you ask yourself what is not happening here. And of course, the cold kind of reception and treatment you get you realise it was because of that decision,” added Maraga.

Nonetheless, the retired chief justice maintains that he has no regrets for nullifying the 2017 Presidential election.


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