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Dr Mugwenu provides you with the best lost item spells that ensure you get back your item whether it is a car, electronic mobile phones and other valuables. In most cases this lost items are taken from places like shops. The lost item spells makes the offenders to return the item as in most cases they end up not having peace while still in possession of the items. (Connect with him on-+254740637248)

 This spells ensures that your property is safe and not even at any particular time will your items get stolen. If it is a case of a shop or any other form of business, Dr Mugwenu spell will ensure you run your business swiftly with no instances of theft.

In most cases this spell has adverse effects to the thieves as in most cases they eat grass, have sleepless nights and lack peace of mind till they return back the stolen items.

How I got back my stolen car after one week of it missing

My name is Arnold from Tororo Uganda. My vehicle had gone missing for a week now and I was extremely in panic as I had bought it with a lot of money. This incidence only happened one week after I purchased the vehicle. I really did not have peace of mind for keeping in mind a new poschette had gone missing.

Many people had told me not to even look for the vehicle as nowadays thieves have some complex ways of doing their things. I really did not lose hope but I had to come up with ways of ensuring I had my vehicle back. I even toured some witch doctors who only ate my money but never had a solution on how I would get the vehicle.

Through Dr Mugwenu, the vehicle was found in Kenya Busia abandoned. I really thank Dr Mugwenu for his assistance.

How shop lifter returned my soft drink refrigerator

Picking other persons item without their consent is always a big mess. I had a refrigerator in my soft drink retail shop by Narok town. My shop had never been broken into for quite a long time. one Sunday morning things were really different as I found it had been broken and my only refrigerator had gone missing.

Nothing else had been stolen from the shop except the fridge. After a long survey of who might have taken the item, I found a similar on second hand display items. I really did not bother so much but I visited Dr Mugwenu for his assistance. After two days, the thieves returned my item behaving awkwardly. They later had to pay Dr Mugwenu for they had been behaving awkwardly. Since then my shop has never been broken to again.

How a bishop who stole my three cows was left stranded

It was really a story that left a lot of people wondering what the position of a bishop really meant. Many news houses really reported this incidence. The bishop who had stolen my three cows for his pending bride price debt had a long experience.

He told the media that that night he saw a lot of cows coming to kill him especially on night hours. I had really protected my property from any form of theft and so this was just a serving example. The police found the three cows just in the man of God’s cow shed. I really thank Dr Mugwenu.

He further solves life challenges like love issues, family problems, hardships in business, increase your luck in areas like winning lottery games and court cases, promotions at work and casting of dreadful nightmares which may be acting as a barricade to your daily sleep. His main attribute is distance healing. Do not be limited with the geographical location you are in as they will always detach you to the healing elements. For more contact him through-+254740637248, website- Email:

Download our blog’s APP from Google Playstore using the link here>>>

Looking for a JOB? See the latest Jobs and Vacancies in Kenya HERE>>>

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