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I lived with my aunt in Kisumu County where she had asked my parents who were really poor to let me help her house chores at her place. At times I thought my hand had a lucrative job since her life really seemed to be well. Few weeks at her place he left me by the house as he went at night. I really did not know which job she was really doing by that time.  She used to come very early in the morning at times when she was compulsively drank and I did not ask her a question since she was my bread winner at that particular time.

As time went by, she used to come different men in the house. At times per day she would bring close to three me who she would have sex with in her room. She was really not hiding anything as I would hear everything that was going on in her room each day. After sometimes she started introducing me to have sex with the men in her house as they gave her some down payments. As time passed I was a guru as we both left the house with my aunt for our daily work which was prostitution. I really did not feel ashamed to see my aunt being munched as at times we would do this in the same room. My parents back at home knew I was going on well as much of the times I called them informing them that everything was in order.

Life was really becoming difficult for sometimes I wanted to quit the job but my parent’s situation was wanting hence it was the only way I would win them their daily bread. Before I had heard of prostitutes who had been killed in the prostitution activity and this had really worried me a lot. Sometimes I would cry as I would fell in deep thought of why I was engaging in such a dirty business. I had there before knew Mugwenu doctors for they had once helped a friend who had fell in a similar case. I contacted them for some advice but they told me I was to go at their offices for more help. After a week I was at their offices ready for help for prostitution was just like any form of drug addiction, leaving it was a difficult task to do. I was attended and went back home. After three days I did not have the urge to engage in the business. My aunt too told me that she had quitted the job. It was a clear indication that Mugwenu doctors resourceful people.

We later started water vending business by the help of the herbalists. I really thank Mugwenu doctors for their help.  Mugwenu doctors treat various forms of cancer including breast cancer, prostate cancer among other cancer varieties. They also solve various life challenges like ending long time domestic violence by providing guidance and counseling to the involved couples at any particular time. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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