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Tuesday, January 12, 2021 – The postmortem conducted on all the five victims of the gruesome Kiambu murders have confirmed Lawrence Warunge’s confession on killing his family.

Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor revealed that all the victims succumbed to multiple stab wounds likely inflicted by the same person.

Oduor stated that the five had similar injuries, stab wounds to the chest and blunt force trauma to the head.

Great vessels of the neck were injured thus leading to massive blood loss and eventual death.

“The injuries looked pretty similar and measured almost the same.”

“The measurements of the stab wounds varied between three to four centimeters,” Oduor stated.

He further stated that the same weapon was used on all five, or very similar.

“It is most likely that one person conducted the murders,” he added.

Lawrence appeared before the court yesterday after he confessed to killing his father Nicholas Njoroge Warunge, his mother, Ann Wanjiku, their nephew Maxwell Njenga, his brother Christian Njenga Njoroge and farmhand James Kinyajui Wambaa on the night of January 5 in Karura Village, Kiambu County.

The court had ordered that Lawrence and his girlfriend Sarah Muthoni be detained for 14 days, pending the determination of the case.

Oduor revealed that his father and brother suffered the most injuries, while his mother’s injured arms indicated her attempts to block the perpetrator’s blows.

The report indicated that the farmhand suffered trauma to the back of the head, indicating that he was caught by surprise, thus putting up the least resistance.

The report aligned with the 22-year old’s confession which detailed how he started by killing the mason by smashing his head with a mallet. 

He added that he proceeded to kill his mother and nephew by slitting their throats with a knife which was provided by his girlfriend.

His father, upon noticing the commotion, attempted to escape but Lawrence caught up with him after he injured his leg after jumping off from the first-floor bedroom.

The son descended on his father with thirty-four stab wounds.

The MKU student proceeded to search for his younger brother who was hiding under a bed.

According to Lawrence’s confession, the younger boy knelt and pleaded for his life before he was fatally stabbed. 

He was inspired by the TV series Killing Eve.


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