Friday, January 15, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto has vowed to continue with his ‘hustler movement’ narrative because every ‘hustler’ in Kenya matters.

Speaking in a rally in Bomet that was attended by thousands of hustlers, Ruto said no amount of intimidation will stop his journey of uniting all the ‘hustlers’ of Kenya ahead of the 2022 presidential bid.

“We will not buy your threats… saying you will bring DCI, KRA, and EACC…. We will not go back. Kenya belongs to everyone and work is work,” Ruto said.

The DP also reiterated his message that Kenya should not be divided into tribal lines.

“There are people who were not happy Jubilee was uniting people and they hatched a plan to split the party so that Kenya is split. Even if they split the party, Kenya’s unity will not be divided,” he said.

The second in command also hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta’s proposal of a rotational presidency saying it is like playing the lottery.

“We are not interested in leadership arrived at through a lottery… we want leaders to be elected based on their vision and manifesto,” he said.

He also said Kenyans should not be worried by the ‘deep state or system’ since the hustler movement is guided in its endeavors by the almighty God.


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