My name is Stephanie and I had just started working on a new project in the new office as I had just been employed just a week ago. My boss took me for lunch on my first day at the office. I did not think much of this as I thought he wanted me to feel comfortable as I was new to the team. He started asking me if I wanted to hang out with him after work. I made excuses at first thinking he would give up eventually. He kept pestering me about it which is when I told him I was not interested in going out with him for I already had a boyfriend. For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

His response really shocked me as he said he had fallen in love with me and I must consider his proposal. I politely declined his proposal and kept insisting that I was in a very committed relationship. After this happened, my boss started acting aloof. He would joke around with the other team members but, but when it came to me he would act all serious which was fine with me as long as he did not pester me. This started affecting my work as he would give me too much work compared to the rest of the team. As I directly reported to him, I had to approach him if I had any problem, which I did, but he was not interested in helping me.

He behaved very unprofessionally during this time. I understand that he was heartbroken but he had the right to treat me like that. I could not confide to anyone at work as I was new there though in retrospect I should have reported to the HR. I was young and immature so I kept tolerating him. I had to seek help from Dr Mugwenu who I had learned about him through the website where I contacted him and booked an appointment. After a week I met this renowned herbalist for really I wanted to shun my boss from sexually being attracted to me for I wanted to save my job. Dr Mugwenu attended me and assured me my boss would not at any particular time harass me sexually. Three days after I went back in the office things had really changed. My boss most of the times concentrated on work. He never again talked of love issues to me. I had ample time to concentrate on my work at the office. He later apologized to me for once harassing me sexually. Many people undergo sexual harassment at their places of work but fear to speak out. Dr Mugwenu is reaching out to you to speak out for he got help.

He treats various diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure among others just within three days. He ensures your marriages stays safe and secure through giving you love candles that sweeten love in the marriage. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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