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Sex addiction can end a relationship with a moment. I had really known Japheth for three years now where we decided to tie knots and become husband and wife. During our courtship period when we used to date he had the habit of being a sex addict. Each time he wanted us to spend having sex. I thought he had changed the behavior but things were just different. At time after sex he used to watch pornographic content and when I asked him what made him do that he said he wanted to acquire new skills. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

Time went by and I was pregnant for six months. My husband with his sex addiction did not hesitate to have sex with other women outside our marriage. I really knew well from his behavior he had a sex addiction. I was not able to tolerate this anymore as at time I would caution him of endangering our marriage where he became furious. His behaviors were really hurting and I was not able to tolerate. Each time we would be involved in furious arguments. At some point he said he had seized the behavior but in most cases people close to me would inform me of his sexual addiction behavior.

He was once caught up in hot soup when he was ambushed munching my neighbors wife and things were really not good on his side. I thought this would change him but it was just the beginning of his sexual addiction deeds. Our marriage was half way breaking. Through a radio talk show I learned about Dr Mugwenu who I took his mobile contacts for I heard he helped people with rampant sex addiction to change. I booked an appointment and after a week I was at his offices ready to be attended. Due to the addiction, my husband rarely came home. He spends time having sex with peoples wives as complains had been brought home severally. Dr Mugwenu gave me some herbs which he told me to cook them in food each day and after the third day he would have changed. I had been really hurt by his behavior and that was the best opportunity at least to change him.

I went home and followed Dr Mugwenu’s directives for I really wanted to change his behavior. Three days later things had really changed when he really admitted he was a sex addict and he had really changed now. I my mind I knew Dr Mugwenu medication was really working. Since that day he remained loyal to me. Any person who has the same challenge in sex addiction should contact Dr Mugwenu for help since this can lead to marriage breaking. Having much experience in herbal medication Dr Mugwenu solves various life challenges as ensuring you have luck through the magic rings he gives you. He enables you to get job where he ensures you successful pass your interviews at any moment.s For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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