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My husband had been working as a police officer in Mwatate in the coast region of Kenya. We had been living in our own land that he had bought soon as he got employed in the police force as a traffic police officer. Things went amiss and he happened to die on duty due to an accident that claimed lives of other five police officers in that category. He was a loving man and a responsible fellow when it came to solving family issues at any particular time. I was a teacher by then and hence I was able to cater for my family needs at that time. For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

Things started going amiss as my in-laws started developing interest in wanting to inherit land that my husband had left me behind with. I tried to seek help from land registrar in the area but all was in vain. No one was really coming to my rescue for they even overthrew us from the land as time went by. I rented a house in Mwatate town for I had no option since I had no one to run to for help. After a while I filed a case against them but what shocked me was that the case was each moment being postponed. It reached a point where even the court clerks told me that the case files had disappeared. This was a clear indication that even the court collaborated with my in laws to fraud me the land.

I reliable source informed me that they wanted to purchase the land for equal sharing between themselves. This really heart broke me to a large extent. I could not imagine that my in laws would at any particular moment turn against me. There before they really seemed to be good people but changed with immediate effect after my husband died. Since I had learned about Mugwenu doctors via a local radio advertisement, I tried my luck to contact them for according to the testimonials people gave, they were really to offer some help before things were to become worse. They told me to visit their offices with immediate effect. After two days I was at their offices. They told me such an issue was so rampant among many people and they had solved similar cases as well. This gave me some hope I was to have my husband’s land and which was mine now back.

I was attended to and the herbalist assured me things were to be good. Three days after I went back home, the court ruled the land was officially mine. What surprised me was that my in laws gave in and no one really said anything contrary to the court ruling. We reunited with my in laws who earlier had wanted to take my land. Since that day I had been living in that land without any form of disturbance from my in laws. I really thank Mugwenu doctors for their help. They solve marriage wrangles which may lead to domestic violence at any given time. They also treat diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea just within three days.  For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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