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In our African society children are highly valued at large. Many are the time that people go through discrimination from their respective families especially when they are barren. I was a victim sometimes back as I had no ability to get a child. We had lived with my husband for 5 years now and we had not gotten a kid. A medical check-up that we underwent showed that I was the one who had no ability to get a child. Life was not that straight keeping in mind we lived at my husband’s home in Ukunda, Mombasa County. For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

Life was really difficult for pressure was really pilling at my husband as my in laws would advice him to divorce me at any time for I was really a bad omen since getting a kid was really a problem. Things were really not working out for I had undergone various medication which I thought would have an impact that would lead me to be pregnant but all was in vain. I visited various renowned herbalists in the whole county but I only discovered I was only spending my money with no positive results at any particular time.  It was really a disturbing experience since no one wanted me in that home for. I even remained indoors at some point as I was the only target they hit each moment an argument erupted.

I did not hesitate for I also had to seek some divine powers from religious leaders but nothing was really working out. At some point my husband turned against me due to pressure that was put on him. he would even sometimes refuse to my ideas and opinions keeping in mind married people have to share each other’s opinion and thoughts. After two weeks through a billboard advertisement I came through Mugwenu doctors who were herbalists. I contacted them and booked an appointment for I wanted to cub this barren situation. After a week I was at their offices where I was attended. The herbalists assured me that things were to turn back to normal within the shortest time. One week after I had returned home I went for a medical check-up and I was found to be pregnant. It was really a jovial situation in my life. I informed my husband about the good news and really he was a happy man. Nine months later I got a baby boy. Since that day we had always had a good relationship with my in-laws.

Any person who faces problems brought by barrenness should visit Mugwenu doctors for they are the real deal when it comes to solving such issues. Mugwenu herbalists casts various spells like the hex spells, black magic spells just to mention a few. They also cure diseases such as epilepsy, tuberculosis among others just within three days time. Do not hesitate to call them if in need. . For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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