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We were happily married with my husband and lived together in Kayole, Nairobi area. Life was really good as he had a nice job that sustained the two of us hence we lacked nothing in our family. As time went by, my husband started changing his behavior as most of the times he never met his responsibilities as the head of the family. Most of his money he got especially on ends months he used to spend all of it in prostitution. This habit really changed the state of our family since we started lacking various basic needs as at times we even lacked food and other basic needs.

He was really not a concerned man. Mostly this happened on end months. Each time he had money he had gotten from his salary he never returned home. One night I happened to ambush him in the streets talking to a prostitute and that was just a clear indication where his money was really going. I had warned him severally of the behavior but he had refused to listen to my advice. I knew what this behavior would bring to our family. At times he would infect me with sexually transmitted infections or something else. Prostitution in our place of residence had really gone into another mile.

As time went by we remained very vulnerable persons as most of money my husband got ended up in prostitution. Life was really tough. One day he came home when he had been drugged while he was in the acts of prostitution. I took him to the hospital where he vowed to stop this habit. As time went by he started spending his money again with the prostitutes which really gave me sleepless nights. I really did not like this behavior for we needed his support us family in our daily life activities. Through an advertisement in a local TV station I happened to learn about Mugwenu  doctors who were extinguished herbalist and so I saw this as the only opportunity to seek help. I contacted them and after a week I was at their offices for assistance since my husband behavior had really reached me to the brim.

The herbalists gave me some form of herbal roots which they told me to be mixing them in food. After a week I had followed all their precautions and really that was the end of my husband’s behavior. He seldom spends money with prostitutes. This had really brought joy and harmony once more in our family. Mugwenu doctors are the most reliable herbalists in the East African region for their work has been witnessed by a lot of people through various testimonials.

They treat various diseases including tuberculosis, syphilis among others just within three days. They protect you and your business from any form of harm especially from your enemies at any particular time. Mugwenu doctors have magic rings that help you have luck I whatever things you do in life. In short they are the most reliable herbalist who ensure your life is straight to your expectations. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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