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One should not envy any particular person if luck really lands on their side. People should learn to rejoice to situations when others are successful. My name is Faith and I had really been eager to have the love of my life. I was the secretary at a certain firm that dealt with communication development. I had been into many relationships that had been breaking every now and then. I had really been praying hard to God to bless me with the love of my life and a husband to live as my friends enjoyed marriage life. The new manager came at the office and I was the only person close to him since I was his secretary.For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

He was really a handsome man who I wanted to seek his attention. My female friends were really not happy for this as they all had interest in having him as their lover as well. Despite my effort of dressing decently to impress my new boss, he did not even seemed to been interested in me. I sometimes went in his office just to seduce him but he kept telling me to get serious with work. He seemed not to be married. Time went by but my boss never wanted to hear anything from me. I had at some point even gone to the extent of proposing but all was in vain as he even shunned me away. Each time he made a phone call I would carefully listen to hear if he was really talking to a female as I was much interested.

At some point I would by him some gifts just to entice him to be my lover but nothing was really working. My habits really amused other workers at work as they were both jealous as they did not want any other person to be close to him. I learned about Dr Mugwenu through a friend who the herbalist had once helped her meet the lover of her life. I did not hesitate where I contacted this extinguished herbalist for I had really crushed on my boss. I knew thing would work out as my friend had told me about Dr Mugwenu.

After a week I was at the herbalist office. I was given sweet candles which she assured me will make my boss fall in love with me for even a marriage. Three days after I went back to work, my boss frequently visited my office. This became a norm for sometimes. It reached a point the he even proposed by giving me a ring to wear him. We officially got engaged and later married. Despite us being husband and wife we still had respect at our work place. Dr Mugwenu ensures your business really pick by offering you rings that will ensure that your business flocks with customers at large. He ensures that your marriage is stable at any particular time by providing you with love candles that helps to sweeten you love live. Do not be left behind at any time you are in need.  For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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