Working in an environment where your boss sexually harasses you at times may hinder you from performing all your duties effectively. My name is Stella and I had been working in a certain textile company in Kisumu for a year now. Life in the office was good till a new boss came. I was the secretary to the manger and so most of the times we got into deep conversation with the new manager. As time went by, he started buying me gifts and getting me to work using his vehicle. I did not know he was sexually attracted to me since I was still young compared to my co workers.  For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

One morning as I was in his vehicle to the work place he told me directly that I was such pretty lady who he had been dreaming to much. I was really shocked for such words coming from my boss really were disgusting. I assumed maybe he was joking but as days went, he would come  at my work desk and hold my hands and at some point he would kiss me on my cheeks. Other workers knew what was really going one since the new manager did not hide anything. I really did not want to fall in his trap since my only motive of being the office was work anything else was tertiary need. I was kind of an arrogant lady and at some point I would face him direct and lecture him for his behavior.

Not even a single day I ever had sex with him. As time went, he continued luring me to his trap. One morning I came to work as usual. When I reached my work desk, I saw an envelope. It really had a red seal and when I opened to read what the letter said, I had been sacked by the company. In my mind I knew things behind my work termination. I walked out of the office crying really hard for I had really lost a job. A week later I learned about Dr Mugwenu through the website where I contacted him and booked an appointment. I met him at his offices where he attended me. Three days later I got a job suggestion from another company  where I had been offered a bit high pay than my usual company. Dr Mugwenu had really helped me. I could not withstand sexual harassment at work place. At some point I told myself the company to which I was working did a very good thing to sack me. In my new company, working condition was conducive for people there had respect. No one harassed me sexually.  He protects you from your enemies who might have bad plans in your life. Through his experience in herbal medication, Dr Mugwenu helps you end acnes which destroy your beauty. He helps you solve problems related to large tummy and penis enlargement. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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