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Many people especially ladies undergo pain in their work place for some reasons. At the same time they reach a point where they fear to talk for some assistance hence they tend to keep for themselves. My name is Eunice and I was once seeking a job. I met Dan who promised to get me a job since he was planning or opening a new company. I was glad since he had promised me to deploy me as his secretary. After a month my dreams came true as he hired me as his secretary since he had opened a new company. Working with him was really a pleasure since he was really a man of integrity. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

After working a month in his office, he started pestering me to have some form of sexual relationship with him. He was really serious as he at some point even threatened to sack me If I failed to cooperate. I really knew my rights and really I was not willing to be in such a situation since I had a boyfriend who I really loved. Dan kept on insisting we should have sex with him. this was just a sign that he wanted me to pay back since he had helped me get a job. On my side I was not ready for cheating on my boyfriend was not my portion at any particular time.

We started having some bad atmosphere with him as he kept talking ill of me all the time. I did not bother what he was really saying of me but instead I concentrated on my work. Dan had been a very good person and at some point I never knew he was going to change. As days went he would not talk to me at work as I predicted he felt frustrated with my stand. I happened to share to share this story with my friend Joyce who told me that Dr Mugwenu was to offer me a solution by ensuring that Dan my boss never pester with his sexual feelings towards me. As Joyce highlighted to me Dr Mugwenu had once helped her out from a similar situation at some point. After sometime I visited Dr Mugwenu office ready for help. He diagnosed me just like any other medical doctors does. I told him my problem and he promised to end it. I was attended and went back home. The following day y boss seemed nostalgic. He never pestered me again to have sex with me.

This was clear indication that Dr Mugwenu was a reliable herbalist since my boss never disturbed me again. We concentrated with work all through. We later became good friends with my boss not even at one time he would pester me with sexual related motives. I really credit Dr Mugwenu for his assistance. I urge many other people who go through similar problem to visit Dr Mugwenu for will ensure you have a conducive working environment with your boss. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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