Wednesday, 20 January 2021 – Controversial Citizen TV anchor, Lillian Muli, has opened up on her current relationship status.

Muli’s love life has always been a subject of discussion on social media.

In 2018, she took to social media and blasted her Kisii baby-daddy, Jared Nevaton, for cheating on her.

She termed him a community husband and said that her focus was to raise her sons.

“I’m officially single and will now focus on raising my boys. As public figures, we meet all sorts of people and most just want trophies whether you are well known or not be very careful who you allow into your life don’t go giving your heart to everyone,” she stated.

Jared and Lillian Muli later kissed and made up after two months.

However, going by her latest confessions, she has completely cut ties with her Kisii baby-daddy and currently, she is not seeing any man.

While responding to a fan during question and answer session, the mother of two said she is single.

She added that her biggest regret is falling in love with a serial cheater.


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