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Mozzart Bet Building Water Wells In Kenyan Villages

There are several communities in Kenya that don’t have easy access to clean water. These people are in dire need of help and Mozzart Bet has contributed millions of Kenyan Shillings for several projects in order to support them.

Mozzart Bet is one of the biggest organizations in Kenya and these communities need them to come forward and offer their help. The company is known for its charity work and has donated large amounts for controlling the Coronavirus pandemic.

This Kenyan organization has been around for some time now, and they consider it their honor to be able to help these people and back them in building their social bodies. Water is a basic need and this company aims to bring it to all Kenyan communities who live in bad conditions.

Towards the end of last year, Mozzart Bet started a pioneering project called the “100 Water Wells for Our Communities”. The foremost water well was built in the village of Imbo in Homa Bay County. The goal of this project is to bring clean water to those who cannot access it.

The plan to build several other wells this year is already underway. The people living in Imbo have really benefited from this project. They don’t need to travel long distances anymore just to fetch water. The organization hopes to make some real difference through these innovative initiatives.

In 2020, Mozzart Bet contributed necessary medical equipment to hospitals in Kenya, which included PPE kits for the Covid warriors. Each of these contributions was worth millions of Kenyan shillings.

The year 2020 has seen several nations struggle with the Covid-19 situation, and Kenya hasn’t been an exception. The medical equipment that came from Mozzart sport betting has truly helped these hospitals deal with the extreme pressure of tackling the Coronavirus situation.

They have started a program known as ‘Supporting Our Healthcare Facilities’ where ICU units are being built in some of the healthcare facilities in remote areas where proper infrastructure is not present. Without the support of this organization, these hospitals would not have been deal with the pandemic.

The equipment given to these hospitals includes weighing scales, fetal dopplers, scanning systems, lockers, patient monitors, incubators, beds, etc.

The County Manager of the organization has stated that this good work will be continued in 2021. According to him, the company prioritizes the wellbeing of Kenyan citizens and wish to transform lives through these projects.

Mozzart Bet plans to invest more funds to lift up these disadvantaged Kenyan communities. They are also engaged in the development of sports in the country and have donated sporting equipment to support some of the teams.

It will be interesting to see what kind of projects this company comes up with in the near future.

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