Tuesday, January 19, 2021 – Former Nairobi County Governor, Mike Sonko, has sent a cryptic message to President Uhuru Kenyatta, who on Monday admitted that he was the one who plotted his downfall.

During a rare ‘state of the nation address to the Kikuyu nation’, Uhuru narrated how he instigated the ouster of Mike Sonko, offering an insight into how powerful individuals were behind Anne Kananu’s accession to the Deputy Governor position.

The Head of State claimed that he initiated the removal of Sonko as Nairobi governor as his leadership style nearly grounded services in the city.

Sonko, on Tuesday, shared a meme of two people standing in a seesaw that reads:

“Sometimes those trying to bring you down don’t realize you are part of the reason they are still standing,” 

Sonko has been bitter at the Head of State and even revealed that his ouster was a move aimed at making close allies to the President take over power so that Uhuru’s family can grab resources in the city.

This is what Sonko shared on his Facebook page.

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