Saturday, January 2, 2021 – Flamboyant city lawyer, Donald Kipkorir, has reacted to a move by nominated Senator, Isaac Mwaura, who on Thursday declared his allegiance to Deputy President William Ruto’s ‘Hustler movement’.

Mwaura had earlier been opposed to Ruto’s new movement but on Thursday, when attending the homecoming of newly elected Msawmbweni MP, Feisal Bader, Mwaura announced that he has officially joined Ruto’s Tanga Tanga bandwagon.

However, Mwaura’s defection has raised concerns within the political class and lawyer, Donald Kipkorir, was among thousands of Kenyans who reacted to his move.

“Isaac Mwaura should stop using a SEAT FOR THE DISABLED to engage in Insults & Prostitution. He should man up, surrender the seat, then be free in his politics of looking for the next nomination. He Is the Poster Child of Politics without Principles & Monetizing Disability.” Posted Lawyer Donald Kipkorir.

Also, ODM’s communication Director, Philip Etale, urged the senator to resign from Jubilee Party since he was given the seat to represent people with disabilities but he is now using the opportunity for his selfish gains.


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