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Sunday, 03 January 2021 – Last year, a pretty nurse who worked at a hospital in Meru, grabbed headlines on social media after her private photos were shared online.

The beautiful lady, who is identified as Mackris on Facebook, has revealed what exactly happened through a long post on her Facebook Page.

She revealed that she was fired after the embarrassing photos circulated online and further narrated how her jilted husband has been tormenting her.

Men can be evil.

Just read what she posted.

My name is Mercy many knows me as mackris here on FB. In April 2020 I hit the headlines of many social media platforms as I was exposed by my Husband @ Christopher kilonzo.

All this was done as I was in hospital bed, as he flirted with another man using my phone and they got into a heated up chart coz of insecurities (he was used to doing that to any male contact in my phone he would flirt with them just to get there reply and accuse me of cheating, it wasn’t the first time)

He went ahead and screenshoted the charts and sent them to my WhatsApp job groups,friends, status,timeline, facebook, as though that wasn’t enough he even sent to my parents.

Getting out of the hospital with nothing I left the house along with my 8 year old son whom he started claiming it’s not his son since he looks nothing like him and that he wanted a DNA which I have never opposed but the pain of something you’ve lived with and your son loves him and adores comes and turns to be a total stranger.

He didn’t end there after I left, he kept threatening me and all that luckily I had reported the matter to nyali police. He kept on with the threat and refused for me to pick anything in the house even clothes nor my certificates claiming they belonged to him.

I went back to police again and he was summoned by the ocs nyali then,funny enough the guy fears no one,he came drunk and even carrying a can of alcohol shouting all over the police accompanied by his lawyer and his bosses so just to intimidate me.

He even tried to beat me up claiming there’s nothing the police could do to him,that he’s got them wrapped around his fingers,he was later forced to bring my certificates where by He brought half of them,was warned to stop with the threats of exposure but he wouldn’t bulge.

 But to him it was just music on deaf ears,he used to exposing women, he has exposed two of them whereby I even tried to help one and took her to nyali police to report the matter and nothing was done then,didn’t know he would do the same to me his wife and mother of his son.

Few days later went ahead and exposed my nudity (all this were in my phone which he took it since he claims it’s his since he bought it) to telegram channels with all my phone numbers and accounts..

I was trolled and cyber bullied,was called names mind you this is someone I trusted and lived with for 9 good years. In the midst of it all I lost my job because of that,he took everything leaving me and my son to fend on our own. I remember reaching out to  Usikimye kenya but didn’t yield much fruits.

I also went to FIDA Mombasa where he was summoned but refused to,was addressed with a letter and he responded back saying he wanted a DNA test first and I agreed to it. Everytime he’s called he kept saying he’s not yet ready,and also they didn’t much follow it up. I went back to the police and the case was shifted from nyali police to DCI office Mombasa,the case has been there since June nothing so far has been done,it’s just being told wait,will see on Monday the phone report for my phone they I.O incharge of the case keeps telling me nothing was found incriminating in that phone,his own phone which I doubt it’s the original the report now has taken almost 3 months it’s just postponing after the other.

He even had the guts to call me and said I was sleeping with the then ccio who was later transferred and that’s why there’s nothing I can do about it and he’s working free. I have tried to even process divorce but I can’t because I don’t have the funds to,I’m surviving on locums since I’m a clinician for my son and I to eat and pay the rent.

The dude has become too much that I don’t have peace no more,I battled depression and all that but he keeps trying to take me back there. Now almost everyday I must hit news headlines with fake news about me,my photos being used all over now even my son has been tagged along and he’s just an innocent child.

I can’t make any friends he makes sure to sabotage them and scare them away, he keeps calling people and telling them I’m a whore bla bla literally all he wants to do is frustrate me to the core.

My family isn’t that well off and of humbleness and since he thinks he got money he can do anything he wants. To him money sorts everything,how about me who doesn’t have the money?

How about me who doesn’t even have a job. I have tried all allies to file for a divorce but every door I approach they need money same applies to my case also. Now where do I stand,I can’t have a normal life,my son is growing as well.. he has to go back to school on Monday, my responsibility and yet the father has refused with the birth certificate.

Where’s justice in this country? Can I get a lawyer to help me? All I need is just divorce from him nothing more, he’s done so much damage ever since we were married but I used to stomach alot, the infidelities,the beating,the abuse,the discrimination.. I have gone through lot of hell and when I finally walk out he can’t still leave me in peace.

What next will be push me to, suicide? Mental instability?? I just wish he’d leave me alone and just move on with his life! I left him everything!! What else does he want,my soul? Because I’m exhausted leaving like this. I’m fed up!!

I’m looking for any legal help here!! Kindly someone help I’m just a mother who wants a peaceful life with my son..

Check out her photos.

Here are the embarrassing photos that her husband leaked.


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