Saturday January 16, 2021 – Yesterday marked the end of bitter rivalry between Deputy President William Ruto and former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto and beginning of new friendship that is built on mutual interest after the latter joined the DP’s camp ahead of the 2022 General Election.

After joining Ruto’s ranks, the DP gifted Isaac Ruto a wheelbarrow, meaning he is now officially a member of his United Democratic Alliance Party.

On his part, Isaac Ruto welcomed the DP to Bomet as he hinted at a possible collaboration.

The ex-governor went ahead to literally beg Ruto to help him win back his Bomet governor’s seat which he lost to the late Joyce Laboso when he decided to go against the DP’s wave in Rift Valley.

Isaac also regretted abandoning Ruto and supporting former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in 2017.

“All is well in Bomet.”

“(Ruto) these people are saying they will give you what you want (the Presidency) and in turn give me what I want (Bomet gubernatorial position),” Isaac stated.


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