Sex addiction can also lead to financial difficulties. I am Monica currently I am living in Nairobi. Sex addiction had really gone on another level in my life. Most of the times I would spend a lot of money as I was a sex escort. Through sex hook-ups platforms, I would get variety of orders where some clients lived a lot of distance from where I was living hence I had to bear the cost of spending and travelling all the way just to meet my sexual needs. Despite being employed as a secretary at a government office in still I availed myself on sex hook ups. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

Time passed by and really I was spending a lot of money on this hook ups. What really transpired my behavior was that I was a sex addict. I was not married by that time and so I had all the freedom to exploit and enjoy sex at each particular town. At times I would skip my job just to have some time for a sex hook up. Being a sex addict, I would have sex with close to five men in different hookup. At times I did this for free since I only wanted to meet my sexual desire since I was addicted in the act.

As time went by I realized I was really spending a lot of money hence I was not able to bear fruits of my secretariat job. It was now getting late since I would completely spend my money travelling from one place to the other just to meet my sexual desire. This had really inhibited me from developing myself and many people wondered where I took my money at any particular time. I had now been a fully addict in this sought of hookups which led to sex. I started looking for a solution to end this since it would have even costed my job at some point. Through Mary a workmate I learned about Mugwenu doctors who were extinguished herbalists where she said they would subject me to herbal medication which will be of value to my life.   Looking back to what sex addiction had done in my life that was the only chance to meet the herbalists since I wanted to sought out things. I contacted them and after three days I met them at their offices where I addressed my issue.

Just like other medical doctors, the herbalist gave me some herbal medication which they promised me would end my long time problem in sex addiction. Three days after I went back home, I was now concentrating on my job for I would no more think about sexual activities like I was doing before. I really thank Mugwenu doctors for such an opportunity. They treat various diseases such as high blood pressure, leukemia and more others just to mention a few. They also solve various life challenges like barrenness, low libido and provide you with sweetening tips that will make your spouse stick to you despite the situation at any given time. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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