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My name is Kelvin and I have been working as a technician at certain technology related entity in Kisumu. I had really qualified to be an information officer but I only worked as a mere technician even though it was not the job I wanted. Most of the times I had submitted my promotion letters to my boss but he kept turning them down. I had even at some point tried to bribe him to get promotion at work but all was in vain. He really hated people from our tribe as he used to tell my workmates. That did not hinder me from seeking promotions at any particular time. For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

New employees who came at the office had chances of being promoted to top job work while I was left hanging by. At times this lowered my morale in working in the office. I did not lose hope for I knew some day things would work and I would just scope a promotion. I even made a point of visiting some witchcraft personnel’s whom I thought would offer me a solution to make my boss have new perception about me but all was in vain. Nothing was really working. At times he even told me as long as he was the boss in the office I will never be promoted at any particular time. This was a clear indication how he hated me. Si kept on working telling myself someday my boss hatred towards me would change.

I rarely went to leaves like other employees as most of the times I was still working. Dr Mugwenu a renowned herbalist who I had heard about him through a radio station was the only solution I had by then. I contacted him where I informed him of the hard life and need of promotion at work I wanted. He told me to meet him at his offices after three days where I adhered. I met him at his offices where I was attended and much assured that hatred between me and my boss would come to an end since he had helped so many people with the same problem come up with solutions. I went back and that week I submitted another promotion letter.

I really did not believe my eyes for I had been promoted to the new information officer of the entity. My boss started talking to me once more. This was a clear indication that Dr Mugwenu magic was really at work. Since the day I came from Dr Mugwenu my life in the office has been swift as I had no bad encounter with y boss like before. Dr Mugwenu just like any other medical doctors subjects you to analysis that helps him find what really your problem is. He has been into herbal medication for a long time now. He ensures you’re protected from your enemies who may hinder your success at any particular time. Through him you are able to thrive in business as he gives you business enhancing mechanisms that ensure your business prospers from the rest. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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