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My name is Fridah. Having come from a humble back ground I really liked doing some house help work to earn a living. I had been working for Mr. Bramwel for many years now and as time went by; his wife started developing some hatred characteristics towards me. I started working as a house help in this family when I was a very young lady and so still my beauty had not fully reached its epic. When I turned 20 years of age that’s when I started to have some adorable shape and figure where sometimes my boss would comment that I was such a beautiful lady. For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

This really irritated his wife as she had no similar figure like I had. We started having arguments but the good thing was that she had no ability to sack me. She really did not like my presence as their house help. Many were the times when her husband really was pleased with how I did my work and managed everything in the house. He also went to an extent of buying me gifts just as a sign of the good work I was doing. There was no need of living in the house where we had disagreement with one of the spouses and I had to look for a solution to ensure that everyone was happy. I was not ready to quit the job since from it my family members back at home had a life through it.

Through a friend I was introduced to Dr Mugwenu a renowned herbalist who had once helped her acquire a job and now I wanted peace in my place of work this time round.  I wanted to ensure the enemity between me and my wife’s boss come to an end. I arranged and travelled to Dr Mugwenu offices a week later. I told him I wanted to protect my job and changed my employer’s wife perception towards me which had really brought hatred. Dr Mugwenu gave me some form of herbs which I was to be using as spice for three days and my boss wife would change. I went back home and followed all his precautions hoping for the best. After three days the wife to my boss had really changed. She sometimes helped me do my chores a very different thing than before. she even at some point challenged her husband to ensure I get good pay by increasing my salary. This was a sign that Dr Mugwenu magic was really at work.

I advice many people who go through hatred at their work places to seek help from Dr Mugwenu who will ensure they get a conducive work environment at any particular time. Dr Mugwenu just like any other medical doctors subjects you to analysis that helps him find what really your problem is. He has been into herbal medication for a long time now. He ensures you’re protected from your enemies who may hinder your success at any particular time. Through him you are able to thrive in business as he gives you business enhancing mechanisms that ensure your business prospers from the rest. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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