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My name is Bernard. I live in Nairobi and I am currently working in a company which I will not disclose. I really loved my work as a PR officer for really I had passion in the field since I was back at campus. Many were the times we were in endless arguments with my boss. He never wanted me at the company as sources told me. At times he would use abusive language which I fought back since I did not want to feel less or vulnerable. As time went by, all the workers in the company were subjected to salary increment.  For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

I was the only person who had been left behind. I tried to seek help as to why that happened and no one was really giving me feedback. My boss said to me openly that he never wanted me to get salary increment since I was a crooked servant. Not that I was a crooked fellow but I believed in telling the truth where my fellow other workers feared to. At some point he used other workers to warn me. I really demanded justice for I had now worked for a long time in the company with no salary increase. For sure my boss really hated my presence in that entity. As time went by, I did not enjoy my allowances as before. I was sidelined in important press statements of the company while I was the face of the company since I was a public relations head of the company.

At times I told myself it was better to be sacked rather than being subjected to so much hatred. I was really earning a little salary despite being a top official in the company due to hatred. My boss feared sacking me since we had signed a contract with the presence of a lawyer and hence it would be too costly to sack me. The only option he remained with was to intimidate me through offering me a little pay. Dr Mugwenu was the only solution since I had known him before for he had treated epilepsy after my friends daughter was a victim. I contacted him for I was not ready to be intimidated. After a week I was at his offices ready for help.

He gave me some herbal tablets which I was to take them for a period of four days. I did what he told me and after the third day things were really changing. Since my salary had not been reviewed for three times I got a salary increment for all those times. What really shocked me is that we officially had some good relations with the boss once more. For sure Dr Mugwenu had really sorted out things this time round. Since that time we have always had good relation with my boss where most of the times we even consult each other for the betterment of the company. Dr Mugwenu treats various diseases like high blood pressure, stroke and others just within three days time. Do not hesitate to call him when in need. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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