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My name is Dennis. Currently I am living in Nakuru. Four months ago I had been depending mostly in manual jobs and recently I had been offloading cement and other building materials from a popular hardware I will not mention still in Nakuru town. Life had really stroked me hard and this was the only job I would do to have a life. I would earn a very little salary of ksh 7000 a month. Despite the little salary my boss had really bad blood with me. He really hated me as most of the times he subjected me to carrying a lot of materials compared to the rest of my fellow workers.  For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

Each moment I was late for a work just with seconds he really abused me all kind of words which really diminished my ability. I had no option for I had to bear everything since I had a kid and a wife to take care of. I did the job even at some point when I was sick to an extent of not being able to walk well. Unlike to other work mates, my boss rarely gave me resting time like he sued to the other workers. Each worker had one particular day to rest but that was a different case when it came to my case since I worked from Monday to Saturdays. I really felt exhausted most of the time.

At time my pay would come late compared to the rest of my fellow workmates. I would have a lot of debts with so many people. Things were really tough on my side. I happened to share one of my friends what I was really going through where he gave me news about Dr Mugwenu who had really helped him get a decent job in the county government. Remembering what I was going through I took his advice and made a point of visiting Dr Mugwenu for assistance. He gave me a magic ring which he told me luck would follow me at ach particular place I went. Three days later while still at my usual manual work someone I did not know approached our place of work. He called me and told me we were to go somewhere. I really did not know where he was taking me only to discover later he was the county staff.

I was given a job as a supervisor of general works at the governor’s office. This was clear evidence that Dr Mugwenu magic was working. My life really changed and that’s how I went away from the abusive boss. Any person undergoing similar problem should not be discouraged but I advice them to seek help from Dr Mugwenu for he is the real deal in ending your long time suffering with any form of hatred at your work place. Dr Mugwenu ensures you get promotions your yearning for. Through him you are protected from your enemies who have bad thoughts and plans onto your life. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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