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Albert worked as a security guard in Nairobi. He had there before been faced with some challenges being in the company as it was said that a specific tribe only worked in the company. Life as a security guard was so challenging. Keeping in mind his fellow security persons did not like him, he was posted to guard a homestead in Karen estate still in Nairobi. In most cases, the company had a lot of tribalism cases as most of the times people would talk in their own native language where Albert did not fully understand. As time went by, he had plans of leaving the security company because he was subjected to hatred and tribal discrimination. For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

Things went amiss after some point things were stolen from the station he was taking care of. Since the other security guards hated him they decided to put all the blame to him. He was subjected to police brutality and later arraigned in the court of law. Things were really tough on his side since he was not able to raise money for the bail and he was sentenced for 5 years. As Albert narrated he never knew who had been involved in the robbery case. That night things were stolen from their station he was on a three day leave. He tried to give this to the police as evidence but it was too late.

He finished his term in prison and later released and he had his sacking letter. It was a tough journey to Albert life. He did not lose hope as he started surviving on hawking job but still had to ensure he got justice some days. Being in prison for something he did not do really cost his life as the ambitions he had were like a dream to meet them. After sometimes through a friend he learned about Dr Mugwenu through a local radio. He contacted the herbalist for he really wanted to seek justice where he had been subjected to hatred at work place. On meeting Dr Mugwenu he was assured that everything that he had undergone was planned and soon he was to get justice. Three days later he filed a case suing the company. The court ruled that he was to be paid 5 million Kenya shillings brutality subjected to him was due to the company’s fault. Albert used the money to start a car wash where the business really boomed as time went by.

Anyone who faces hatred acts from his/her work places due to tribal lines or any other factors should consider visiting Dr Mugwenu for he really understands how to help you through having experience in herbal medication. Dr Mugwenu ensures your business really pick by offering you rings that will ensure that your business flocks with customers at large. He ensures that your marriage is stable at any particular time by providing you with love candles that helps to sweeten you love live. Do not be left behind at any time you are in need.  For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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