My name is Maureen and sex addiction had really ruined my life. I was employed in a government parastatal as customer care personnel. I had a problem since I was addicted to sex so much. I did not concentrate in work as each time I had sex memories from my previous sex sessions I had been having. Many were the times that customers I took care of complained of my deep thought each particular time little did they know it was sex driven thoughts. I rarely met my job assignments due to these thoughts which had really ruined my mind.  I really had no ample time to concentrate in the office. For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

Due to this I was sacked as customers really complained of my poor reception. As time went by I had been sacked from three lucrative jobs and I was really looking for a solution since I wanted to earn a living. Sometimes I would read the bible to end having sexual thoughts but everything was in vain. I would find myself in those thoughts each particular time. seeking help from people would not be a good move since I feared I would be a topic of discussion and hence I decide to keep this to myself. At times I would caress myself when I had fallen into deep sexual thoughts at any moment. I had lost my job since my boss had once ambushed me.

I tried visiting various herbal doctors who I thought would have a hand to help me end my long time despair in deep sexual thought. Nothing worked and now things were really tougher on my side. I never imagined of anything else in my life like empowering myself to be a resourceful woman in the society but most of the times I only thought about sex. At times I told myself I had been cursed. The idea of visiting Dr Mugwenu through a friend who I shared my story with told me that the herbalist would ensure that problem was to end. She gave me Dr Mugwenu contacts and I did not hesitate to contact him. I made a visit to his office for I really needed his help. I was attended and assured I was okay and I would not experience such thoughts which were due to sex addiction again. I went back home and at work I would concentrate once more. I really did not have similar thoughts like before. Dr Mugwenu had really solved my long time problem which was almost costing me every job I got. Dr Mugwenu just like any other medical doctors subjects you to analysis that helps him find what really your problem is. He has been into herbal medication for a long time now. He ensures you’re protected from your enemies who may hinder your success at any particular time. Through him you are able to thrive in business as he gives you business enhancing mechanisms that ensure your business prospers from the rest. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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