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It is always a pleasure for any worker to get a promotion at his/her work place since it boosts their morale of working at any moment. As Anne narrates, she had worked in a certain cosmetic company as a secretary for sometimes. She had been really yearning for a promotion and in most cases her boss had been promising her she would be promoted. Time went by and things were really not working. Her boss instead started having sexual affair with her to seal the promotion idea he once had promised her. This was really disgusting Anne as she really felt desperate for the promotion. For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

Time went by and the boss remained stance on having sex with her to ensure she got a promotion. Anne really did not want such a thing to happen. As days went she had sex with her boss thinking that she was to get the promotion that she had been promised but all was in vain. Instead, her boss sabotaged her to a lot of work and discrimination at the office. This is after she had offered him a chance to fuck her. She was really a confused person and ashamed at the same time. She had offered sex to her boss with no job promotion as she had been promised. Since the boss was really a mouthing person he went telling everyone in the office on how he enjoyed a hot fuck with Anne.

Many were the times when Ann really faces stigmatization back at her office. She seldom concentrated in her work. Her colleagues would look her in absurd condition and at some point they would not believe such a smart lady was lured to sleeping with the boss for a promotion and now she had not been promoted. Anne was seeking justice for her boss compulsively went on discriminating her every time. She was psychologically affected and at some point she was just a disturbed person as she appeared. She learned about Dr Mugwenu via a website where she keenly followed her all the testimonials. She realized Dr Mugwenu would help her get justice for her boss had really used her only for sexual gain with false promise.

He visited Dr Mugwenu and after two days, her boss manhood was really in pain. Each time he came into the office he would complain a lot. This was just a start of his problems. At some point mangos came from his manhood. He apologized to me and gave me a promotion. I later referred him to Dr Mugwenu where thing came back to normal on his side.  I got the promotion as the new assistant manager. Through his experience in herbal medication, Dr Mugwenu helps you end acnes which destroy your beauty. He helps you solve problems related to large tummy and penis enlargement. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit

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