Not every woman who engage in prostitution lack something to do in life but some do it to earn a living due to difficult life experiences at any particular moment. My name is Veronica and I was a banker in one of government banks in Thika, Kiambu County. Life was good being a banker since I was being paid a good salary. As time went by, the bank was robbed and so we workers of the bank we were sacked for the authorities suspected that we worked hand in hand with the rogue guys to steal from the bank which was not true. After I was sacked with other cohorts I turned into prostitution since it was the only way I would keep up with the expensive life I was living before.

The business was booming but really I did not like it to some extent. Everyone back at home knew I was a banker. Sometimes I would have sex with different kind of men per night others tended to be more violent while others really adhered by paying the services. It was really not an easy task to do keeping in mind I was new in the sector. At times as prostitute we were subjected to police brutality. At some point fellow cohorts who had experience in prostitution really harassed us as new learners in prostitution each particular moment. It was the only way I would get money since I had toiled for a while since the bank sacked me. Per night I would have sex with close to 10 men and walk home with roughly ksh 30,000. At times it depended with your level of beauty and so I was still outstanding.

One night I was in limbo as one customer refused to pay me 10000 shillings just after the service. He stood steadily holding a knife and I was left hanging by not to know what to do. I screamed and luckily escaped the massacre. This act really made me to make my mind that I was to quit prostitution. But things were really not adding up as it was the only source of income I was having. Through a friend Brian I learned about Mugwenu doctors who he said were extinguished herbalists and would help me end my problems. He gave me their contacts where I booked an appointment with them. After two days I was at their offices ready for help.

I was attended and assured I was to get another job. After three days, I got a call from my former employer where I was told to get back to job as there was no case to answer concerning the bank robbery. I really thank Mugwenu doctors for helping me quit prostitution which had really started ruining my life. They are the most popular herbalists in the East African region when it comes to casting hex spells, black magic spells among others just to mention. They also treat diseases such as syphilis, diabetes among others just in three days for their work has been proved to be the best through testimonials on the website  they have really helped many people who had once had endless problems. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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