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Monday, 25 January 2021 – Popular Kenyan deejay, Crème Dela Crème, has confessed that he used to live beyond his means before Covid-19 struck and left him in a financial limbo.

Speaking during an interview, Crème revealed that before Covid, he used to live in a lavish house in Loresho in Nairobi where he paid monthly rent of Sh 85,000.

His kids also schooled in a prestigious institution in the city where he used to pay Sh 250,000 per term.

Although Crème earned around Ksh 1 Million per month through gigs, most of his money was consumed by bills.

Things changed for the worst after entertainment joints were closed to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

With no stable income, the popular deejay was forced to relocate upcountry.

“My wife couldn’t believe we were actually moving but this was important if we were to manage life through the hard times. We had to swallow our pride even as everyone wondered how I, arguably Kenya’s best deejay, would move back to what you would call village life. I knew this was the only way out and explained to my wife that we would start all over again,” he revealed.

Crème currently resides in Kericho and he has no plans of coming back to the city.

“I’m never coming back to Nairobi. After the lessons that came with the pandemic, reality has now struck me that life is more practical here, not in the city,” he added.

Creme admitted that the pandemic taught him that he was living beyond his means in the name of showbiz. 

He further advised artists and deejays not to be carried away by the fancy life that comes with being a celebrity.

“I would like to tell young deejays and artistes who are starting out that no one really cares about the car you drive or the place you live. Be smart enough, save what you can, “he said.


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