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My name is Fred and I am currently working at a private organization in Nairobi as a clerk. Life working at the organization was good before a new boss was brought in the organization. He really seemed to be liaising with my cohorts. Many were the times he gave me a lot of work and tasks to accomplish. As time went by, he would use abusive language which really I did not like. At times it would spark a fight between us. A week would not end without us going into an argument with my boss. I had no option but to stick to that job since it was really difficult to get other jobs since there was scarcity. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

Before my boss would arrive I was freely enjoying work with my fellow work mates. Things would go amiss each time he was in the office. He used to roar at me. At times if one of my workmates had done a mistake he would turn to me as if I was the one who had contributed to that mistake. Time was really running and things were not changing. What really shocked me was that he would talk with no bias to other employees but when I when he turned to me things would change as he would talk any sought of insults and abusive language. During the organization meetings, he rarely talked of positive thing I was adding to the organization but in most cases he talked about the ill part of my life in that particular office.

I was now looking for a solution and I was referred to Dr Mugwenu through a friend who had once looked for help from the herbalist as he had once had the same problem I was having. He gave his contacts where I called the herbalist. I booked an appointment and after three days when I was on leave I made a point of meeting Dr Mugwenu. At his offices he foretold my problem even before I had elaborated to him. This was a clear indication that he was a passionate herbalist about herbal medication. I was attended and assured a good relationship with my boss was to back soon as I returned to work. That week when I went back in the office, I was surprised since the atmosphere in the office was really good.

Unlike before, my boss would great me and at some point he would offer free lunch to me. We had really been reunited with him through the help of Dr Mugwenu. Time went by and he would seek my help and consultation before doing important office work. We worked together to thrive activities of the organization. Dr Mugwenu helps you long time illness in diseases such as prostate cancer, leukemia epilepsy among others just within three days. He ensures you get back luck in your life as will be able to be successful in all activities that you do to earn a living such as business. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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