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A reduced sex drive is not inevitable part of aging but I was shocked at some point soon as I turned 34 years I completely lost that sexual feelings. I had been married for 10 years now. I thought I was menopause but when I went for a medical check-up it was clear that I had experienced low levels of oetrogen-a hormone that ensure most women have that urge to have sex and enjoy their sexual life as well. I compulsively lost sexual feelings. Each time my husband would seduce me but I really lacked the interest in sex. In many hospitals I went boosting the hormone was going to cost a lot of money as the medical practioners told me. Call +254740637248/E-mail

My husband told me maybe with time things will change but nothing was really happening. At times my husband would even take things himself and masturbate to meet his sexual needs. We had no money to spend on my condition as keeping in mind we had not that much lucrative jobs. I thought it was an age related problem but this was not the case since menopause in women starts at 40s while I was only thirty four years of age. It reached at some point I even developed some male characteristics as it seems testosterone had started surpassing the normal female hormone in my body. Through the website I went through testimonials of many ladies who had experienced such a problem of low sexual urge brought about with reduced female hormones but they were finally helped out.

I contacted the herbalist for really this was going to cause harm in my marriage keeping in mind I was still thirty four years hence there was much time I would enjoy sex. I did this because my husband would fall in trap of getting some women who would meet his sexual needs since I was a barricade in this case. After three weeks I was at Mugwenu doctors’ offices for treatment. I was attended to and assured things were to be fine. Five days after I went back home my sexual urge was back again. We enjoyed having sex with my husband once more. Mugwenu doctors had really happiness in our marriage for we could not live harmoniously without having sex.

This is a problem that many women experience either in marriage or relationships but they tend not to share with any person. Mugwenu doctors are the real solutions to similar problem for their services I really evidence in many platforms through various testimonials. They are experienced as far as herbal medicine treatment is concerned in the East African region. Do not hesitate to call them in case of any problem.  Mugwenu doctors help you solve various life challenges like depression that might be brought maybe due to lack of money and domestic violence at a glance. They also ensure your property is protected and it is not prone to thieves and other destroyers at each moment. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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