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Sex addiction can really be a bad omen in one’s life in not taken care of at an early stage. My name is Winnie and sex addition had really controlled part of my life when I was still in campus at Maseno University. I was a fun of reading sex related materials including porn novels. I used to masturbate as a result in most of the time. A day would not end when I had not murstabated at least ten times. As time went by, the habit was really affecting my education life at large. I had tried to engage in co-curriculum activities like playing football games to avoid this norm of sexual addiction in my life but all was in vain.For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

Things were even worse when I used to do masturbation using various things like vegetables like carrots and so on. I really tried to end this habit but everything had run out of my control due to addiction in sex. At times I would skip my classes to go meet my sexual desire through masturbation. Not that I wanted to be in this menace each time but things just forced me into it. My health was really deteriorating as masturbation had adverse effects. Due to this I opted to live a lonely life. I seldom wanted visitors to place of residence for I feared they would identify my problem.

The habit was really consuming much of my time. I had opted to stop but I could only find myself in the act. I learned about Dr Mugwenu through a friend where he had helped her overcome cancer a long time illness he had been with. I shared to her what I was going through and really she told me Dr Mugwenu would end that since he had helped so many people with similar problems. I had never met any herbal doctor and hence I had fear of doing so but things would not let me. I had no option rather than meeting him for help. I went at his offices where he analyzed me as I told him my problem. After an hour I was attended and ready to go back home. Three days later I had no sex instincts than before. I knew the herbalist had ended my long time despair in sex addiction. Since that day I have never into masturbation which was brought due to sex addiction this was problem that had really started ruining my life.

I take this opportunity to reach out to any person who is undergoing the same addiction to ensure he visits Dr Mugwenu for he is an experienced herbalist who ensures your back to the normal way. Dr Mugwenu just like any other medical doctors subjects you to analysis that helps him find what really your problem is. He has been into herbal medication for a long time now. He ensures you’re protected from your enemies who may hinder your success at any particular time. Through him you are able to thrive in business as he gives you business enhancing mechanisms that ensure your business prospers from the rest. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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