Monday, 18 January 2021 – Before Jalang’o joined Kamene Goro at Kiss 100, she was co-hosting the breakfast show with controversial presenter Andrew Kibe.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro were poached from NRG Radio where they were hosting a popular show.

They had amazing chemistry that endeared them to listeners.

Andrew Kibe was later fired for alleged misconduct after falling out with the management and less than a month after he left the station, Jalang’o joined Kamene.

Kamene Goro has confessed that she doesn’t miss working with her former colleague Andrew Kibe, who now runs a struggling online radio station called Rogue radio.

Kamene revealed this through a true or false challenge that she did on her Instagram page.

A fan asked her, “Do you still miss working with Andrew Kibe” and she responded saying, “I don’t miss working with Kibe. We grew apart. Life happens.”

Kibe recently confessed that he went broke and lost his car and house to auctioneers after he lost his job.

He added that most of his friends cut communication after he became jobless.


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