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We were born 8 in our family where both of our parents really lived below poverty. We lived in Kiambu County in Githunguri. My parents depended on coffee picking in people’s farms so that they could sustain our daily needs. Being eight in our family was not an easy task as sometimes we would go even hungry and so as a first born daughter I had to bear the cost of sometimes giving a solution to hunger that almost struck my other siblings. I stared engaging in prostitution where I would have sex grown up men in our village where they would exchange this with little money like 200 shillings and so on.

 As time went by, I started becoming an expert since I shifted from being a village prostitute and so I started the business in Kiambu town. What really shocked me is that my parents did not ask any question where money came from but they were just happy since I was helping them in meeting my other siblings’ needs at any particular time. As time went by, the business was really booming and a day I would walk home with close to 6000 shillings. I really did not like prostitution for I knew it was a rogue way of having money but due to our family background it was the only way my family would survive.

I was now an addict in prostitution but I really wanted to quit this dirty business. Each time I would suffer since I would meet very different men and at times others wanted sex without protection. For sure prostitution had brought me to the brim and it was time to call it off. Each moment I had prepared to quit I found myself in the act once more.  I tired religious leaders but all was in vain since I found myself in the street corridors of Kiambu town. I happened to learn about Mugwenu doctors via a website where people who had difficulties in quitting prostitution had been helped. I contacted these herbalists for I was really not settled in my mind and heart.

After sometime I went to their offices for further consultations where I wanted them to help me out of the business and at least have other businesses to do rather than prostitution. I was attended and went back home. After sometimes I lost that urge to engage in prostitution. I knew Mugwenu doctors had really helped me in this. I later opened a cloth knitting business where it was my new source of income. Mugwenu doctors are the best herbalist in the region for their services are on another level. Any person with similar problems should visit them for help.

They are the most popular herbalists in the East African region when it comes to casting hex spells, black magic spells among others just to mention. They also treat diseases such as syphilis, diabetes among others just in three days for their work has been proved to be the best through testimonials on the website  they have really helped many people who had once had endless problems. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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