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Thursday, 21 January 2021 – Tahidi High’s actor Victor Kinuthia alias Omosh has opened up on his troubled life during an interview on Radio Jambo today.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni, Omosh narrated how alcohol addiction wrecked his life.

He was introduced to the bottle by a friend and after some time, he became an addict.

“You start small and by the time you know, you have already become an addict. I was introduced to using alcohol by a close friend. We used to hang out together kidogo kidogo nilikua addict. It is demonic and when you are using it, you only know about club and your bottle, “he said.

Omosh narrated how he neglected his wives and kids after becoming a slave of the bottle.

It reached a point when he camped in bars trying to quench his thirst. 

The legendary actor revealed that last year, he reached a breaking point and almost committed suicide.

Luckily, close friends talked to him before he ended his own life.

According to Omosh, he is currently broke and depending on friends to settle his bills.

“I even contemplated committing suicide last year but a few friends came through and talked to me. I am surviving through friends. My wives are both hustling to make ends meet. My landlord had even threatened to chase me away”, Omosh said.

Listen to his interview where he opens up on his troubled life.


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