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As a prostitute I was much addicted to sex at a large extent. I did my prostitution work in Kisumu County where it was my source of income. Each time I would see a man walking in front of me I would only think of sex weather I was in my monthly period or not. As always, many women who engage in prostitution per night they sleep with a lot of men and so due to this I was used to continuous sex. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

My life was just stagnated as I could not think of anything else apart from sex. As time went by, I would buy sex tools that I would use them to satisfy myself with. I frequently had dildos and vibrators with me. Watching sex related movies and other sex content magazines was a priority in my life. As time went by, I started having thoughts on acting pornographic films since I was compulsively addicted with sex. I never thought of anything else in life apart from sex. At times I told myself if people who really loved sex the way I loved sex the way I did were to be given award then I would have scoped several awards at any particular time.

As time went by, sex addiction had become a priority in my life. I wanted a way to come out of this menace and that is when I was referred to Dr Mugwenu by my long time friend Cindy. She once had the same problem but Dr Mugwenu ensured she focus on issues that would change her life. This was the only opportunity I had and hence I did not hesitate to contact Dr Mugwenu. After a week I met him in his offices where I was attended to. I went back home hoping for the best this time round.  After a week I did not have any sexual urge hence my addiction to sex was no more. I started concentrating on my new job as a domestic chef. I really thank Dr Mugwenu for his help. Many people have experienced the same problem but many find it difficult to share due to stigmatization. Anyone who undergoes similar problem should visit Dr Mugwenu for he is a much experienced herbalist in dealing with such cases.

He has been an extinguished herbalist in the East African region for a long time. His herbal medication has really turned to be of great benefit to many people with challenges in life either economic social and political challenges. He treats various diseases such as leukemia, all forms of cancer among others just within three days. As any medical doctor does, Dr Mugwenu analyzes your problem where this helps him identify what you are going through. He casts various spells such as magic spells and the hex spells which may act as barricades in your life and giving you sleepless nights at any particular moment. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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