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We lived with my husband Roger in Kibera, Nairobi County. Being one of the largest slums in the country the slum really had so many anti social behaviors at any particular time.  My husband depended on low income generating works form construction sites to earn a living. I was a house wives and most of the times I was left back at home doing some house chores. As time went by I started needing some money so that I would do some small things like to purchase clothing’s and other needs a woman would want. Since my husband was not in the ability to sustain all this I turned into being a prostitute.

Each time he would go for work I would sneak and go to my daily prostitution acts and come home before he arrived and pretend there was nothing that had been going on. I would have sex with at least 5 men just within the slum where I would come home with close to 5000 shillings a day. My husband did not know anything about these activities I engaged in. At time he cautioned where expensive clothes I dressed came from since he rarely bought them for me. What really was a problem was that each time we wanted to have some conjugal priorities at night I felt so much exhausted since I had been having sex for money the whole day and hence I was not ready to enjoy my conjugal priorities at any particular time.

My husband was so much frustrated with this each moment. He wanted us to part ways since he said I had broken marriage expectations of any couple. As time went by I had become a guru in prostitution and hence I did want to leave it behind as it was my only source of income. Through a local radio advertisement I learned about Mugwenu doctors who were herbalists and I did not hesitate to contact them since I wanted my marriage not to break apart plus I wanted their help to quit prostitution. After a week I was their offices. I was attended and the herbalist promised that my marriage was to be so much stable and that I was to get other good income generating work. I did not go back to prostitution acts plus my husband had gotten some lucrative job in a hotel in the city. Due to this I was also employed by the hotel as a cleaner. Mugwenu doctors’ magic was really working. We lived happily with my husband and nothing really came our way.

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