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I lived in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County. Being the only female child in our family, my parents gave me all the attention I wanted. Back in the teachers college where I was learning I became exposed to sex through peer pressure. As time went by I was fully much to it and I could not do without sex. We would attend parties in my friends’ houses where we would take alcohol and later enjoy sex throughout the night. At first I was not a drunkard but due to my desire of loving sexual activities so much we would take too much alcohol and have sex at the same time. For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

My friends who closely knew me would take alcohol as an advantage was they would buy alcohol just to munch me. I was also exposed to other drugs like bhang, khat among others. I really had some studies to do but I gave sex a first priority at each moment. As time went by I was fully an addict and I could not get myself from being a drug addict and sex addict on the other hand. I saw alcohol as the only thing that would relieve me from sexual desire. I would take much of it to try not to have sexual desires little did I fogot I was becoming an addict slowly as time went by. I never shred the story with people close to me as I had that stigma they would laugh at me. As a result I was completely into alcoholism.

Many were the times I looked for help from the guidance and counseling members of the college but nothing was really changing. I really had two addictions to stop sex addiction which had really driven me to alcoholism. My parents back at home knew I was still prospering academically back in the college. Through a local TV channel I came to learn about Mugwenu doctors who were herbalists and would be of much help to end my long time addiction in sex which had now led me to be an alcoholic. I had now suspended my education for I was not in the position to go on as being an addict. I contacted them and booked an appointment after which I was taken to them with the help of my long time friend.

I told the herbalist about my long time addiction I sex which had led me to alcoholism. I was attended and assured things were to change with immediate effect. I went back home and really things had changed. I never had much sex thoughts like I used to have before. Mugwenu doctors had ended my long time captivity into sex addiction and alcoholism.  Mugwenu doctors treat various forms of cancer including breast cancer, prostate cancer among other cancer varieties. They also solve various life challenges like ending long time domestic violence by providing guidance and counseling to the involved couples at any particular time. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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